Long Arm Rental

Gammill Optimum Plus
Gammill Optimum Plus
   So you've finished piecing your top together, and now you're asking yourself the same old question, "How am I going to finish this quilt?"
  • I could tie it, but that's pretty boring and old fashioned.
  • I could hand quilt it, but who's got time for that?
  • I could quilt it on my sewing machine, but it can be so bulky and frustrating.
  • I could hire a professional to finish it, but that's so expensive.

   "Do It Yourself Long Arm Quilting" is a home-based business that offers quilters a better option. Now you can learn how to use the Gammill Optimum Plus long arm quilting machine and finish your quilt your way. It's simple to use, and it's fun.

   We offer machine rental in our home, thread included, and instruction at competitive rates. See our pricing guide for details. Call or e-mail us for an appointment.

long arm rental

   Why turn your quilt over to someone else to finish, when you can "Do It Yourself!"

Even kids can do it!

Leah Nikki

Ellie Morgan

Jim's quilt 13